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Katharine Johnson 


Education has been a passion throughout my life. My career began in educational publishing at McGraw-Hill, where I spent 15 years in publishing, finance, and strategic planning in New York City, Singapore, and Berkeley, CA. My college education started at Boston University and after two years, I transferred to Cornell University where I graduated as a history major with Distinction in All Subjects. I also obtained an M.B.A. from Cornell. In 2017, I obtained the U.C. Berkeley College Admissions and Career Planning certificate.


After settling in Novato with my husband, we raised our two daughters, Sarah and Julia. While assisting Sarah with her college search, I discovered my true calling. Having struggled to find the right college myself, I was determined to support our daughter in her quest to find a great college fit that was also affordable for our family. Today, I hold the same level of commitment to your family. I will work closely with your student to create an "Ideal College Profile" which will lead to finding many good-fit colleges. In addition, I will work to ensure that we target affordable options for your family. At this point, we will have the two critical elements needed to create a thoughtful College List. 

College is so much more than a place to earn a degree. It establishes the foundation for a lifetime of learning and cultivates life-long friendships. Ideally, college provides four years of academic, social, and emotional growth, in addition to paving a pathway toward a career.

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