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Discover Your College

  • "Ideal College Profile" - working closely with your student, I thoroughly assess and identify their ideal college environment for size, academics, social life, admissions difficulty, location, and much more

  • Cost and Financial Aid - providing you with tools to estimate both scholarships and financial aid, I facilitate your goal to find affordable options 

  • College List - carefully crafted list based on the "Ideal College Profile" and which colleges are most likely to provide generous scholarships and financial aid to your student


I go through this extensive process because I believe every student deserves to attend a college where they can thrive - academically, socially, and emotionally. 

Application Process

Customized calendar including essential deadlines, review of applications (Common Application, UC, CSU, etc) and much more.


 Strategies on:  


  • SAT, ACT, Subject Tests – which to take, when to take, if to take

  • Applying to "Test Optional" colleges

  • Recommendations on narrowing down the final College List

  • Target, reach and safety schools – finding the right balance

  • Whether to apply Early Decision, Early Action, or Regular Decision 

  • Letters of recommendation – how many, choosing which teachers to ask


I am always working in close collaboration with your student.


Essay Advising

Complete essay advising including brainstorming, strategies, proofreading, and timelines


  • Common Application essay

  • Supplemental essays for private college applications

  • UC essays 

  • Student resumes


With the understanding of what colleges are looking for in each essay, I develop a close collaborative relationship with your student as I guide them through the essay writing process. 

Areas of Special Interest


  • Financial aid and scholarships - identifying the colleges likely to be generous to your student

  • Two-year colleges, liberal arts colleges, universities, private and public

  • Out-of-state public universities, including WUE​

  • Engineering programs, business schools, 3-2 programs

  • Music, theatre, dance and visual arts programs and scholarships

  • Music conservatories

  • Transfer students

  • 2- and 4-year colleges for students with ADHD, LD, and ASD


I can guide your student to choose appropriate classes, extra-curricular activities, summer jobs and volunteer work.

Career Counseling

Provide career counseling to help students identify possible occupations and college majors.  This highly personalized service includes: 

  • Extensive student interview

  • Parent questionnaire

  • Assessments of skills, interests, and preferences

  • Meeting with the student to explore results and identify best options

  • Review of findings with student and parents

  • Recommendations for next steps and final report


Career counseling can be integrated into any college counseling package if requested. Also, available as a stand-alone service for any high school student, whether college-bound or not. 


College Trip Itineraries

Trip planning includes booking campus tours, information sessions, and other campus events.  Able to provide daily itineraries with travel time, hotel options, and arrival and departure times.


Recommendations on how to get the most out of your campus tours, including specific questions to ask, people to meet with while there, and tips on building fun into college trips.


I can do as much or as little college trip planning as you need.


Initial One-Hour Meeting

Katharine Johnson

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"The best way Katharine has helped me is simply by being a great listener - she has always been very attentive when I talk to her about my hopes and fears for college. Moreover, she gives great advice!"

  -  Megan, high school senior, Santa Rosa

"Katharine is not only highly knowledgeable in her field, she is also exceptionally caring and thoughtful in her approach to guiding students and parents through this often stressful process.  Katharine is so adept at fully embracing each unique student's individual needs, and she works diligently to get to know her students wholly in order to help them find the right school for THEM.  She is there at every step in the process offering guidance, resources, care and knowledge.  This doesn't have to be a painful process, and Katharine makes it a positive one by helping her clients find schools where they will be happy and thrive - mind, body and soul.  

  -  Jenifer, high school teacher, Santa Rosa

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